Top 7 Health Benefits of Beetroot – Human Case Studies

Health Benefits of Beetroot

1. Beetroot Increases Nitric Oxide & Blood Flow

Beetroot has a plethora of health benefits and is extremely rich in antioxidants (particularly betalains) but the first benefit that has to be mentioned is its incredible ability to boost nitric oxide and blood flow.

Beets are extremely rich in betacyanin (a class of betalains) which is what gives it that unique reddish color. Betacyanin, is rich in nitrates which the body easily converts into nitric oxide and can greatly increase the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. (1, 2)

It’s this amazing attribute that leads us into our next health benefits.

2. Beetroot Boosts Athletic Performance, Endurance & V02 Max

Beetroot Improves Athletic Performance, Endurance & V02 Max

Multiple studies on both average people and elite athletes competing in a wide variety of athletic events, including cycling, rowing and distance running has shown to improve time, reduce the amount of perceived exhaustion, decrease soreness and increase V02 Max. (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Because of the increased blood flow, it is also a fantastic suplement for bodybuilders as it can increase “pump” in the gym and give the muscles a more full look.

No matter what your sport of choice is, or whether you are an elite athlete or average Joe, beetroot may help you take it to a whole new level.

3. Beetroot Makes for Better Sex, Stronger Erections & More Intense Orgasms

Improve Sex, Erection Strength and Orgasm Intensity

As it turns out, nitric oxide isn’t just great for athletes and bodybuilders but it can also make a big difference between the sheets.

Beetroot can actually help to open up blood vessels and one study even found that increasing nitrates from vegetables can improve endothelial function (flexibility of the lining of blood vessels) which can in turn lead to much stronger and longer sustained erections. (8)

It’s not just a boost for men though as increasing blood flow to “fun areas” of the body can give rise to higher states of arousal and more intense orgasms which means it’s great for women too!

Beetroot actually made my list of best supplements to boost a man’s libido.

4. Beetroot Reduces Blood Pressure

Beetroot Improves Blood Pressure

The nitrates in beetroot are also great for lowering blood pressure.

In fact, one recent study found that consumption of beets can lower blood pressure by 4 – 5 points within just a few hours after consumption. (9)

Long term benefits may be even greater but even just a 4 or 5 point reduction would result in about 10% less deaths due to heart disease according to researchers which leads us into our next health benefit.

5. Beetroot Improves Heart Health

Improves Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in America and most other developed nations so this is not one to take lightly.

We have already discussed how beetroot improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure which are two big factors in heart health…

As well as how beets can improve endothelial function (reduce arterial stiffness) which is another crucial element for heart health.

There is also a recent human case study showing that beets may provide direct benefits to heart disease patients. (10)

6. Beetroot Lowers Inflammation

Lower Inflammation

Beetroot is also extremely rich in a particular type of antioxidant called betalains which are reported to have very high anti-inflammatory properties. (11)

In fact, in one study, a betalain known as “phenethylamine-betaxanthin” reduced the activity of an inflammatory enzyme by a whopping 32 percent. (12)

As I always focus on human case studies, I want to point out that these studies were done in vitro (test tube or culture dish) but it is very difficult to directly measure inflammation levels in a living human.

I also feel that combined with the anecdotal evidence of athletes reporting less soreness following intense workout sessions in human case studies, there is clear and direct evidence to support this.

7. Beetroot Improves Brain Health

Improve Brain Health

When blood flow begins to decline in the brain, cognitive faculties also begin to decrease.

Of course you are already well aware that beetroot can greatly increase blood flow but it has been shown to have a dramatic effect on blood flow to the frontal lobe in particular which controls important cognitive skills like memory, decision making and emotions. (13, 14)

In fact, the frontal lobe has been referred to by scientists as the “control panel” for our personalities!

As if that wasn’t enough reason to start consuming more beets, another study found that reaction time was 4% faster in humans who supplemented with beetroot vs those who did not. (15)

The Next Level Difference

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