How Alcohol Impacts Your Testosterone

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Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Testosterone

You’ve probably heard or even witnessed the effects of a night of binge drinking on your ability to perform at your best but did you know that alcohol directly affects several of the processes necessary for testosterone production? The fact of the matter is that tanking up on alcohol can cause your testosterone to tank!

We want to be clear, having a drink or two has not been shown to have a significant impact on testosterone. We are talking about those nights which lead to those mornings. When your body metabolizes alcohol, the process uses up a coenzyme called NAD+, which is an essential component of testosterone production. If your body is missing essential building-blocks for the production of testosterone, it simply can’t make more.

This is an area where the effect is directly correlated to the amount of alcohol intake, so a few drinks here and there probably won’t have much effect. But the more you drink, the lower your testosterone levels will get.

It’s worth stating again, having the occasional beer or mixed drink likely won’t do much to your testosterone levels. But if you find yourself frequenting the good stuff, expect your testosterone production to take a severe hit.


The views expressed in this blog are personal opinions and they are not intended to be, or replace, medical advice by a healthcare professional. While we have put in an extraordinary amount of time, energy and effort to give you the best information possible, based on the best research we could find, different people may have different views of the research discussed. You should always conduct your own research and seek advice from a healthcare professional before taking or discontinuing any of the consumables mentioned.

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